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Community Garden
Community Garden

What is Kebun2Dapur?

An enjoyable memory from our grandparents is having garden fresh food in the kitchen. This shouldn't serve as a nostalgic memory for us and future generations anymore with Kebun2Dapur. In order to reintroduce those healthy eating habits into our lives, we now work to provide a platform that links individuals directly to community gardens without the need of big conglomerates acting as middlemen. Our objective is to conveniently deliver fresh produce from neighbourhood community gardens to your doorstep. Together, Let's make it happen!

Why us?

We believe in developing a relationship with our community members, from the farmers who grow our produce to the people who will buy our products. We want to make sure you know where your food comes from and how it grew to achieve that greatness. By providing pesticide-free produce, we’re working towards a healthier future for everyone

Farmers in Barn

Together, lets put the Power back in our hands: The Rightful Place.





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